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how to order cephalexin cheap generic uk de As parents, we speak up for our children every day but when it comes to asking for what we need, it can be much harder. We're working longer hours, and maybe two or three jobs, just to make ends meet which means we have less time to spend with our families.

We struggle with things like being able to take a leave from our jobs to care for a new baby or convincing our boss to give us a more flexible schedule so that we can be home when our children get out of school. We want good health insurance for our families and better child care and after-school programs for our kids. We wish for things to be different but we don't know how to make it happen.

ParentsWork was created to give us a way to start talking with each other about the challenges we face and to come together to find solutions. We are an organization of Illinois parents and grandparents whose mission is to work for changes that will give us the time and resources we need to care for our children and families. While we are from many different communities and backgrounds, we share several beliefs:
  • We believe that the work that parents do to raise their children and to earn a living are equally important to our society and deserve the support of our communities, schools, employers and government;
  • We believe that children whose parents are actively involved in their lives will grow up healthier, get a better education and have a brighter future; and,
  • We believe that parents can be a powerful force for change if we unite and make our voices heard on issues that matter to us, and our families.
By connecting parents with information and tools to take action, our hope is that ParentsWork can give us the strength in numbers that we need to get business leaders and elected officials to listen to our concerns and do something about them. So, join us and become part of a growing movement of Illinois parents who want to create a better future for our children and grandchildren.

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